Luminora's Story

A story of love for design, science and sun safety.


About Luminora

Luminora is the leader in stylish sun protection clothing! Our UPF apparel is designed to block 98% of UV rays and is guaranteed to provide UPF 50+ sun protection. Our research, medical experience, and dedication to the science of sun protection, UV performance fabrics and styles are the foundation for all our products. Our UPF sun protective swimwear, and sun protective clothing provide the highest UV protection available! 

Tested and endorsed by experts and recommended by dermatologists - Luminora guarantees UPF 50+ protection  Luminora's  level of sun protection exceeds all published rating standards of UPF 50, yet because the industry standard for certification ends at UPF 50, we indicate that we go above and beyond by using the “+” symbol. Our sun protection will not wash out or wear out and will provide UPF 50+ protection for the lifetime of the garment.

Stay comfortable, sun safe and looking fabulous with Luminora!